94-04 mustang brake side view
  • 94-04 mustang brake side view
  • 94-04 mustang outside firewall mount
  • reservoir mount
  • reservoir mount with tanks installed
  • fitting kit
  • Wilwood master cylinder kit
  • patent image
  • 94-04 mustang brake side view

94-04 Mustang Pedal Assembly - Brake Natural

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FFP Customs is always looking for new popular cars to adapt our patented adjustable pedal assembly to.  We took the same innovative design and transferred it into the 1994-2004 Mustang. While there were some modifications that needed to be made, we still kept the same approach of the bolt and go installation by utilizing all the factory mounting points.

Our goal is to provide an adjustable bolt on solution that eliminates the need for fabrication or welding. This pedal assembly was designed to fit multiple drivers and preferences.

With this assembly being a modular unit, this allows you to have multiple pedal configurations and it also gives you the option to change your configuration at a later date if need be with a simple bolt on and go installation. 

Placement of the master cylinder is yet another big advantage of our pedal assembly; it is placed under the dash allowing for a cleaner and more spacious engine bay.

All of the pieces of this kit are made of 6061 Aluminum allowing us to keep everything lightweight and strong.

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features of this assembly:

  • Moving the pedal pad on the brake pedal will allow you to change the pedal ratio.
    • The lowest position is 6:1
    • The middle position is 5.5:1
    • The highest position is 5:1
  • When moving the brake pedal backward and forward, the master cylinder moves with the pedal therefore you will not need to change the push rod attached to the pedal and master cylinder. They will move as one unit.
  • 1-5/8” billet reservoir tube mount
  • The pedal pad height resembles the stock location.
  • This kit utilizes a Wilwood remote tandem master cylinder kit. We stock both 1” and 15/16” bore master cylinders (7/8” and 1-1/8” available upon special request
  • Our pedal attaches to the mastercylinder using a 3/8" heim joint and 3/8" shoulder bolt
  • The pedal pivot utilizes 2 bronze oil impregnated bushings
  • All of the mounting hardware is grade 8.





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