Tools of the Trade

CNC Mill

CNC (Computer Numerical Controled) Mill

The machines computer moves a cutter across the X and Y axes and up and down along the Z axis to cut all sorts of shapes at varying depths through the material. The cutter functions like a drill bit and is spun by a motor called a router or spindle. By precisely moving the cutter a CNC tool can create virtually any pattern or shape in a wide range of materials.
manual lathe with digital readout

Manual Lathe with Digital Readout

A metal lathe is designed for precisely machining relatively hard materials. They shape the material by rotating it against various cutting tools, such as tool bits and drill bits, using linear movements. The computer controlled digital readout allows the machinist to maintain tight tolerances for fast accurate fabrication.
105 tubing bender

105 Tubing Bender

A tubing bending bender is used to permanently form and shape pipes or tubing. A tube can be bent in multiple directions and angles to create simple and complex geometrically precise parts without distortion. This tool helps in making roll cages and other various tubing applications.
whitney sheet metal sheer

Whitney Sheet Metal Sheer

Sheet metal sheers are used to cut and shape sheets of metal accurately and quickly.
 Scotchman 40 Ton Iron Worker

Scotchman 40 Ton Iron Worker

This multi-function machine used for shearing plate and angle material, bending plate and punching holes accurately and quickly.
 bailegh sheet metal brake

Bailegh Sheet Metal Brake

The sheet metal break is used to accurately and repeatability bend sheets of materials, by holding the material firmly during fabrication.

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